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Here you will find what has been updated recently.


My first little release of this year, Severely Limited Capabilities, a small demo for Sinclair ZX81.


Invasion of the big pixels, my first MSX-demo took 2nd place at the GREP White demo competition. I also finally took the time to update my blog.


I have forgotten to update the main page for a while, but better late than never! My VIC-20 demo Ancient School won the oldschool demo competition at the Sundown demo party about a month ago.


A little more than a week ago I was at the St:LCP 2008 demo party where I competed with two demos. The VMU demo won the mixed compo and PseudoCode ended up at 3rd in the C64 compo.
I also got a new toy that I have released a little 128 byte intro for.


Today I turn 32, and my C64 turns 20. To celebrate that I released a little C64 demo. I also finished a new J2ME game called Sycorax - Episode 1 a while ago.


After many attempts, I finally managed to win a demo competition! Uncharted Territory for the C64DTV won the mixed platform demo competition at BFP2007!


Released Hello DTV World my first demo for the DTV.


Added Two By Two a TI-83 demo that competed at Breakpoint 2007.


I've transfered some of my old C64 demos and added them to the site. Early nineties nostalgia! :)


Yet another 4k intro for J2ME has seen the light of day - 4th Dimension

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